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Fitness Schedule and Description of Classes

Active Together


ACTIVE TOGETHER is an innovative 60-minute workout that improves cardiovascular fitness builds total-body strength and enhances movement health for daily life.

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Adult Basketball

Stop in and play some community basketball.

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Balance and Better Bones

balance and better bones

This class is designed for physically deconditioned individuals and other members who are looking to work on muscular stabilization, strength and coordination. It will focus on improving everyday living skills through functional exercises.

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Body Composition Analysis

Body fat percentage refers to the percentage of body fat mass (the weight of the fat) in regards to body

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Body Shaping

This non-aerobic class will cue you through the right body posture and movement to gain muscle strength for your entire

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Boot Camp

This heart pumping class uses cardio drills: running, jump, roping, stepping, with a challenging free weight routine. It’s to increase muscular endurance and strength.

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Cardio/Core and Strength

Floor routines, step, body bars, bands, weights a total body workout from head to toe with the benefit of a cardiovascular exercise.

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Couch to 5k


Coach to 5K is to help a novice runner develop a running program.

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Fit After 50

The Fit After 50 Functional fitness program focuses on exercises that mimic everyday life movement patterns.

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Fitness Assessment

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This golf exercise program will work on developing stronger muscles and bones for the entire body with additional focus on the core.

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Group Cycling

Experience your cycle class on a Kesier stationary bike. Instructors go over proper seat adjustments and set up, as they

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In-door Triathlon


SPLASH, PEDAL, & DASH INTO FUN! Just Tri – it, for the Fun of it! Registration is required. Space is limited.

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Livestrong at the YMCA


Our Y is committed to serving individuals and their families living with, through and beyond cancer.

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Matrix 7xi Console Tips

A7xi Ascent Trainer

It can be intimidating trying out new equipment, especially with fancy new consoles.  Here is a video to help you

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Muscle Max

Class will alternate between circuit or stations that offer a variety of cardio movements and strength training exercises. Cardio moves will consist of a burst of fast intervals with lower intensity moves.

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Personal Training


Personal Training Packages: GET STRONG FEEL STRONG

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Fastest Growing Sports in America!
Pickleball is a sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping pong. It’s easy to learn, a great way to get some exercise, a sport for all ages, and most important it’s a lot of FUN!

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Piloxing is built on an interdisciplinary system of incorporating dance and standing pilates principles.

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Pool Fitness

It is an ideal form of exercise to increase physical strength and endurance without overheating and putting stress on the joints. No swimming skills are required in these classes!

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This class combines the gentle art of Tai-chi and the benefits of Pilates and puts them into the softness and buoyancy of water

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‘Channel your inner rockstar with this full body cardio-jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing, and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums’

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The self-defense series will consist of three Sunday afternoon’s for woman only. Each Sunday you will get workouts that will maximum physical efficiency and self-confidence to help deal with a variety of situations.

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This is for participants who are willing to work on increasing their physical ability for the slopes while decreasing their injury potential. The program will focus on the Three Pillars of training for a sport with the focus on specificity training for skiing.

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Smart Start: Helping You Get the Results You Want


Smart Start is a unique FREE program that provides you with a trainer to help you discuss goals, explore options, and assess your progress. Let our trained staff help guide you on your wellness journey. By exploring, planning and acting on your goals, you will gain the resources that will help you succeed.

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Special Needs Adult Swim

Participants enjoy a positive interaction with others while swimming in a warm water pool.

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Stretch Into Gentle Yoga

Gentle stretches with basic/beginner yoga movements and relaxation techniques

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Tai Chi

Endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation, this particular style of Tai Chi – Tai Chi for Arthritis, has been shown to be particularly effective for people who have arthritis and/or joint problems.

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TAI CHI & Fitness for Parkinson


Key ingredients to help manage the symptoms of Parkinson’s will incorporate the components of Tai Chi & Fitness exercise. Tai Chi is known for its slow, fluid movements.

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TRX Suspension & Functional Training


TRX training engages the core on every exercise in addition to providing some cardio fitness in every single workout.

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Wednesday Wake-Up

Wake up your metabolism with a high intensity workout combining strength and cardio moves, with little rest in between, using body weight, weights, medicine balls and bands. Get more calorie burn with this challenging workout.

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Woman Strength Training Program


A cost effective, small personal training group for woman who are willing to work on increasing their physical ability while decreasing injury potential.

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Decrease stress, relax your mind and strengthen your body with gentle yoga.

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Be part of the Zumba family and enjoy some group fun. This cardio workout is more like a party while

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