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Open, Lap, and Family Swim

During Lap swim times patrons can use the pool to swim continuous laps the length of the pool. Part of the pool will have sections marked off with lane lines to provide those that like to have an area with less waves while swimming. The rest of the pool will be open with no lane lines to provide more of an open-water feel.

During Open/Family swim times patrons may use the pool as they see fit (staying within the safety guidelines set below and enforced by the lifeguards). In addition, those that are not able to swim on their own will need to wear a Coast Guard Approved Floatation Device. If you or the lifeguard is unsure of your child’s capabilities, they will perform a swim test to determine if the child will be marked as a swimmer or non-swimmer. The swim test is as follows:

Swim length of the pool without stopping

Tread Water for 30 seconds

Float on back for 10 seconds

If the child can perform all 3 things in a row without stopping then they will be deemed a “swimmer” and can swim without a floatation device. However, if they cannot then they must wear an approved Personal Floatation Device (PFD) while they are in the water. The Y has Lifejacket Vests that they can wear while swimming.

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