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This year we will be utilizing several different methods to encourage each student’s understanding of music. Students will learn to move to music with expression and understanding, begin an exploration of solfege and singing technique, and improvisation. Students will be introduced to a wide variety of music in many styles, meters and tonalities and develop a repertoire of ways to move their bodies in order to express their understanding of these concepts.

Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate some of our musical skills at three concerts over the school year. Please refer to your calendar for those dates and encourage your child to show you what we have been learning in class.

Unit 1 – Moving to Music (September and October)
• Physically exploring tempo, volume and pitch
• Establishing a steady beat
• Exploring the singing voice
• Echoing basic pitch and rhythm patterns
• Expressively using the body to demonstrate understanding of musical concepts

Unit 2 – Instrument Exploration (November and December)
• Developing the understanding of steady beat through the use of hand percussion
• Performing echo rhythm patterns
• Learning instrument groups and identifying by sight and sound
• Identifying types of ensembles

Unit 3 – Feel the Music (January and February)
• Identifying the emotive qualities of music
• Physically demonstrating differences in tempo, pitch, meter, mode, timbre, and dynamics
• Exploring different styles of music from around the world

Unit 4 – Circle Games (March and April)
• Continue developing a steady beat through movement to music
• Develop cooperation skills with the performing group
• Work with partner(s) in dance environment

Unit 5 – Listening and Connections (May and June)
• Developing each child’s ability to actively listen
• Connecting aural and visual arts
• Exploring connections between music and history

We will have a 2 shows a year. The first one in December as our winter show and the other in May for Mother’s Day/ Spring.