Welcome to Freestyle Motions Workouts from Home.  There are a variety of full workouts here. Martin's usual class is our Tuesday 7:15pm TRX Class. Have fun.

Basic Rules:

1. Do not worry about getting all the motions and combinations right the first time.
2. Go at your own pace.
3. Substitute your own motions when needed.
4. Take breaks and stay hydrated when needed.
5. Have fun.

Basic Materials you may need:

1. A chair of some kind for balance and to help in focused movement and some exercises.
2. A yoga mat of some kind for our ground exercises.


45 Minute Sword Fit Workout

Enjoy our very first Sword Fit workout. Items needed: some kind of sword or bludgeoning tool that is at least 18" long. A small mat may be needed for your back. A safe open space that you can freely move in without accidentally hitting or breaking anything. Have fun.

30 Minute Chill Workout

Focusing on Movement Breathing, Controlled Push-ups and Sit-ups, and Dynamic Stretching.

45 Minute Martial Arts Workout

Enjoy our 45 minute workout that is more Martial arts based. Stationary Combos from fighting stance, movement from Capoeira's ginga, Leg Holding Drill, Kick Rotation Drill, and stetching.

45 Minute Cardio Kick Workout

Get moving with our 45 minute Cardio Kick focused workout. Combos are done mainly from a traditional front open stance. We'll have intervals of varied push-ups and sit-ups. We have a bonus request for a little breakdancing added into our workout and of course end with our stretches.