No longer needing Mom or Dad in the gym with them for class, these gymnasts work with their coach and peers.

Gymnasts will be working on general motor skills, balance, strength, flexibility and beginner gymnastic skills in a fun, safe environment. Our gymmies will try walking forwards, sideways and backwards along with various jumping & dance activities on the beam. Tumbling and rolls are introduced, as well as some beginner cartwheel and handstand skills. Hanging and swinging activities on bars including front support, casts, rolling forward, pullovers and swings. Running, jumping and landing are introduced for vault.

The swim portion is 30 minutes long and follows the Gymnastics portion (in addition to an allowance of 15 minutes to change into swim attire).

In the Flippers 4 to 6 year old gym and swim, once they arrive at the pool the instructor will lead them through games and activities that will help the child become more confident in the pool while working on skills that include floating, swimming on stomach and on back, kicking, jumping, and increased endurance by swimming the length of the pool.

In the Tumble and Splash class, once everyone arrives at the pool the instructor will lead the class in a Parent/Child setting where the parent will directly interact with the child and will partake in activities that will increase the child’s comfortability level in water in addition to learning basic skills to get them ready for independent swim lessons. These skills include blowing bubbles, movement of the hands and feet, climbing in and out of the pool, jumping, getting aquainted with being on their back in the water, getting accustomed to having their face/head get wet.

Flippers: 4 to 6 Year Olds

My and My Tot Tumble/Splash