Your six week commitment to “sleigh” the holidays!

Grab a friend or family member and join a team today! Prizes for Teams and individuals!

November 22, 2021 - January 2, 2022



·  Sign a pledge/contract to achieve one of the goals of the challenge

·  If doing weight maintenance, weigh in each week, same day/time/scale/clothing – done at home

·  If doing activity, commit to a certain activity level that is at or higher than currently

·  If doing well-being, rate yourself on scale, which will be provided

·  Initial consultation with Wellness staff to go over goals is available

·  Follow weekly nutrition topics, movement and/or well-being suggestions (these will be emailed to you and posted at the Y)

·  Receive check-in emails from team leaders, as well as help/guidance/encouragement

·  Consider building on previous week’s guidelines each week!

·  Fill out a raffle ticket after each successful week – one raffle ticket will be chosen at the end of the challenge to win a prize

·  Try each week’s bonus challenges – small prize if each bonus challenge is completed

·  One team randomly chosen to win a prize for each participant that completed the challenge!


All it takes is some:




Extra movement 


Give yourself the gift of good health while still enjoying the holidays! You have three categories to choose from:

• Weight maintenance

• Increased activity

• Overall well-being

Choose one, two or all three!

Each week, we will have a nutrition, movement and well-being idea. Your team leader will keep you focused, and your progress will be tracked.  Bonus challenges will also be included.

Contact Michelle Urbanski - - for more information

Pick up your pledge card at the Front Desk!


Week 1 Guide

Week 2 Guide

Week 3 Guide