February 15 - March 28

This challenge is a free six-week program to help you on your personal journey to be healthy & fit. It is easy to follow, attainable and beneficial to all individuals and families. It will give the beginner participant a starting point and the advance exerciser will be able to add onto their existing routine. There will be a weekly exercise challenge that promotes physical activity. Every Saturday, Jen McElroy will offer a Family Fit Zoom class. Each week we will add a new challenge as we continuously build on and maintain the previous challenges. Our personal trainer will demonstrate the proper technique, and discuss basic exercise terms as we build muscle strength and endurance. You will have the opportunity to join weekly exercise discussions on Zoom. In addition to the exercise component, we will introduce weekly nutritional challenge. Big Y’s registered dietician, Jacqui Campbell MS, RD, CDN, LDN, will be offering three nutritional seminars on Zoom during the six week.

For more information contact Cindy Agan - or 413-568-8631

Always make sure you check with your physician before beginning any  nutrition or exercise routine.

Challenge Details

· The program starts Monday, Feb. 15 and ends Sunday, March 28, 2021.

· Accountability: Partner up, participate as a family or find an accountable buddy to help you stay the course with the challenges.

· Don't have a partner? Y members can make an appointment with Wellness instructor. Non-members may join the Tuesday, weekly Fitness forum .

· Every Tuesday night 7PM-7:30PM join a weekly Zoom discussion on exercise terms and tips

· Join Zoom discussions on nutrition with a licensed dietician

· Each weekly challenge will be posted on the Westfield Y’s website

Track your goals: Download a Tracking Sheet: you will be 50% more successful if you write it down

Participants must register, and submit their email at front desk or call in to register name and email - 413-568-8631

All registered participants will receive access to Zoom links and their name will be submitted for a grand prize drawing.

Non-members - 1 month Family or Individual membership to the Westfield YMCA

Y Members -3 (45 minutes) sessions with a personal trainer and more!

Stay tuned for weekly drawings as well!

Send a picture participating in the challenge each week, to enter your name into a  weekly drawing

email picture to Ryan at

Zoom Registration Links

Family Fit - Click Here

YMCA Discussion - Click Here

Nutritional Seminar with Big Y’s registered dietician, Jacqui Campbell MS, RD, CDN, LDN - Click Here