Group exercise is one of many ways the YMCA of Greater Westfield supports members in achieving their health and wellness goals. Our Group Exercise Programs improve health, encourage social interaction, and with motivating music, are one of the most enjoyable ways to move and feel great. Highly trained staff members lead the programs and often tailor them to the specific needs of the community and individuals. 





Class Descriptions

AOA Balance & Better Bones: Active Older Adults- Age 55+  For physically deconditioned individuals, increase muscular stabilization, strength & coordination, balance, and range of motion as well as improve everyday living skills.

AOA Going Strong 1: Age 55+ Includes low-impact aerobics, strength training, and floor work.

AOA Going Strong 2: Age 55+ Includes mild/low impact aerobics, and strength training, no floor work 45 min class

AOA Pool Fitness: Active Older Adults- Age 55+ Endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program. Work out with an instructor in the small pool, guiding you through exercises that will encourage the full range of movement and resistance exercises to help build muscle. This is a low-intensity water workout.

Body Shaping: This non-aerobics class will cue you through the right body posture and movement to gain muscular strength for your entire body. The instructor will demonstrate how to use the equipment from hand weights, body bars, bands, exercuffs, stability balls, and steps. Feel strong as you sculpt your body with weights.

Boot Camp: Challenge yourself and keep those muscles guessing. This heart-pumping class uses cardio drills: running, jumping, ladder and plyometrics, with a challenging free-weight routine to improve both muscular & cardio endurance and strength.  

Cardio Strength: Get stronger and healthier by combining weights, body weight, and simple athletic movements, all set to energetic music. Get complete cardio, strength, and flexibility workout.

Chair Yoga: Enjoy the benefits of yoga without the rigors of getting up and down from the floor.

F.I.T. at the Y: a short, intense interval (H.I.I.T.) workout consisting of both cardio and strength components. Maximize your workout time with this 30-minute class designed to challenge you and help get you F.I.T.!

Fit After 50:  Involves functional exercise moves for real-life activities and exercises to prevent injuries. 

Group Cycling: Experience your cycle class on a Keiser stationary bike. Instructors go over proper seat adjustments and setup, as they guide you through a warm-up,  steady tempo cadence, sprints, climbs, and a cool-down. You control the resistance by gears to make the pedaling as easy or as difficult as you choose. By using the Keiser monitor, you’re able to keep track of your distance and speed.

Jr Fit: age-appropriate active games that incorporate strength exercises, agility, and cardio with a special emphasis on proper technique and safety.

Kickboxing: Combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio. This high-energy workout challenges beginner and elite athletes alike. Build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility, and burn calories as you build lean muscle with this fun and challenging workout.

Muscle Max: A strength training class designed to use a variety of equipment to strengthen and define the muscles of your body.  Each muscle group will be worked either individually or in conjunction with other muscle groups, using weights, bars, bands, medicine balls, and body weight.  Be prepared to feel strong!

Pool Fitness: Classes are designed to use the buoyant qualities of the water to enhance anyone’s physical fitness. It is an ideal form of exercise to increase physical strength and endurance without overheating and putting stress on the joints. No swimming skills are required in these classes, but participants should feel comfortable in the water. A class can accommodate beginners through advanced. Located in the large Cole Pool.

Poolates & Poolates Deep End: Combines the gentle art of Tai-chi and the benefits of Pilates and puts them into the softness and buoyancy of water. Work out the core while being easy on the joints. All abilities are welcomed from athletes to those with joint issues. Poolates Deep End will utilize both the deep and shallow areas of the small pool.

Stretch & Strengthen: A mindful practice of strengthening and toning your body through varied yoga and balance poses and deep stretching. Though physically challenging, all poses can be adapted to suit the beginner, and still challenge the seasoned veteran.

Strength Training: Learn basic strength training techniques and proper form in this full-body workout.

Sword Fit:  a fun program that engages the child’s imagination while learning a variety of sword styles that will build on techniques, form, control, and strategies, all while getting fit. Two-Handed, Single-Handed, Dual Wielding, light calisthenics, stretching, and movement repetition will be utilized.

Strength & Conditioning: Experience a challenging full body, strength-only workout, using a variety of equipment. 

Yoga: Certified Yoga instructor to help decrease stress, relax your mind and strengthen your body with yoga. Practice physical posture stretches, and yoga poses as you create a balance between the body, mind, and spirit. These classes are geared for various levels with chair yoga suitable for beginners.

Zumba: Be part of the Zumba family and enjoy some group fun. This cardio dance workout is more like a party while you move to Latin vibe music fused with cardio dance steps.

Yoga Flow: This class will help to improve muscle strength, balance, and stability as well as provide the mental benefits that come with a regular yoga practice. We will warm up and then flow vigorously through a series of traditional yoga postures, with modifications offered as appropriate. Postures flow together in a moving meditation as we mindfully match each movement with the breath. All levels are welcome. Some yoga experience is helpful but not required.