Active Lives for Older Adults

Older adults, individuals 55 and above, are a significant and growing segment of our communities. All seniors benefit from engaging in Y activities that enhance connections, decrease a sense of isolation, and improve overall well-being. Maintain your health and functional ability with programs designed especially for the needs of Seniors. We begin to lose bone density, balance and coordination as we age. The good news is that there is something we can do about it! Strength training and creating a fitness regime can deter or prevent these issues from occurring. Our Active Older Adult classes will teach you how to build muscle strength, endurance and increase mobility. Everyday activities will become easier, posture will improve and you’ll look and feel great!

Class Descriptions

 AOA Balance & Better Bones: Active Older Adults- Age 55+  For physically deconditioned individuals, increase muscular stabilization, strength & coordination, balance and range of motion as well as improving everyday living skills.

AOA Going Strong 1: Age 55+ Includes low impact aerobics, strength training, and floor work.

AOA Going Strong 2: Age 55+ Includes mild/low impact aerobics, and strength training, no floor work 45 min class

AOA Pool Fitness: Active Older Adults- Age 55+ Endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program. Workout with an instructor in the small pool, guiding you through exercises that will encourage full range of movement and resistance exercises to help build muscle. This is a low intensity water workout.

Chair Yoga: Enjoy the benefits of yoga without the rigors of getting up and down from the floor.

Fit After 50   Involves functional exercise moves for real life activities and exercises to prevent injuries.

Pool Fitness: Classes are designed for people of all ages to utilize the buoyant qualities of the water to enhance their physical fitness. It is an ideal form of exercise to increase physical strength and endurance without overheating and putting stress on the joints. No swimming skills are required in these classes, but participants should feel comfortable in the water. Class can accommodate beginner through advanced. Located in the large Cole Pool.

Poolates & Deep End Poolates: Combines the gentle art of Tai-chi and the benefits of Pilates and puts them into the softness and buoyancy of water. This is a great way to work-out the core while being easy on the joints. All abilities are welcomed from athletes to those with joint issues. Deep End Poolates will utilize both the deep and shallow ends of the small pool.