People who live in the Westfield Area appreciate a great quality of life. But with a changing economy and tight family budgets, joining the YMCA may be a bit out of reach for many.

Each year the YMCA provided hundreds of deserving children, adults, seniors and families with memberships that they would otherwise not be able to afford – all thanks to the YMCA’s financial aid program. The YMCA remains committed to involving all people. A YMCA membership allows people to get healthy, strengthen family bonds, and build friendships that strengthen our community.

Our newest initiative is aimed at helping working families – Membership for All enables all individuals and families to become members of the YMCA. It is an income based membership designed for households making less than $45,000/ year and individuals earning less than $30,000/year.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Stop in for a tour of the YMCA.
  2. We’ll help you determine your income based membership rate.
  3. Complete the simple application.
  4. You have just become the newest member of the Westfield YMCA!
  5. Within 2 weeks verify your eligibility for Membership for All by presenting a copy of your most recent tax returns.

Checkout our membership rates today!

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