Basic Rules of Sword Play:

1. Do not hit hard, swing wildly, or swing like a baseball bat.
2. Do not hit the head or anything above the shoulders.
3. If using a Foam Sword, do not throw the sword, the sword could rotate and hit with the handle which is usually not padded.
4. Have a Parent or Adult supervision that understand the rules of Sword Play present during any pratice or battle.
5. Accidents can happen, be respectful and say sorry.
6. Have fun and battle safe.

Basic Materials for Sword Play:

1. Quality foam swords that are flexible on impact. (Cheap foam swords usually just have a hard wooden dowl in the middle with some foam around it, these hurt, please avoid.)
2. Pool Noodles in a variety of lengths are the best alternative for quality foam swords.  Alternative uses for noodles are any kind of projectile, spear, arrow, magic, blue noodle ice magice, red noodle fire magic etc.
2A. Pool Noodles can also be used as non-battling tools, like resources to gather or collect.
3. Cardboard tubes, rulers, yard sticks, vacuum attachments, can be used as swords for praticing movement, but not recommend for battling.
4. Your imagination.